Sirius Token The Socaial Community Token

Sirius Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency created by Sirius Community. The community will support the beneficial project, non-government organizations, and charities financially by converting Sirius Token into economic value.

Contract: 0xa5d2eA919fd48aCbc421B5a8989c4dD02D7CF2d3

decentralised economy

Social Community Token A New Experience

Sirius Token intends to build a social community for the public spirit by making donations . Sirius is a non-profit organization and It is a community-minded cryptocurrency.

  • The Existing System Existing Meme Tokens don’t have a specific purpose. Their founders only want to make a pile in a short time and so Sirius Token was created to against this system.
  • Sirius Policy We will work together in harmony for making good things as part of its founding purpose and social responsibility policy.
  • The Purpose We will prove that making good things for society by creating token.


The star Sirius is the brightest member of the canine constellation.

We are establishing a Sirius community for earning our social and economic freedom and our ideals. Because of existing system does not support people’s social and economic expectations.

  • We will create our community together.
  • Sirius is a non-profit organization.
  • We will build up our bright future together.



Our way

Road Map

10 Nov 2021

Sirius Token was created.

20 Nov 2021

Fist Airdrop events was held. We distributed total 1.000.000 $SIRI at first decade.

21 Nov 2021

Sirius Token is listed on PancakeSwap.

22 Nov 2021

We distributed with Airdrop 7,000,000 SIRI in the first three days.

Nov 2021

Our official website has been activated.

Dec 2021

After finishing Airdrop Events, Sirius-A and Sirius-B Team will be build up.

Feb 2022

After training Sirius-A Team by governing body. All authority and responsibility will be assigned to Sirius-A Team.

Some facts

Use Cases

Binance Smart Chain

We preferred the Binance Smart Chain’s infrastructure, it is provided fast wire transfer, low transaction fees, advanced infrastructure, and its reputation. Also, Sirius tokens will be traded on decentralized exchanges.


243 Million Sirius Token was created and total supply was held constant. %90 percent of the total supply will be distributed under certain conditions. For further information, you can review the distribution chart.

Donations and Projects

The principles goals of Sirius Community and token support the charity and non-profit organizations socially and financially. Also when community projects have been carried out, we will support the community-based project, and allocate some percentages of our profit.


The cryptocurrency was created in a way where there is no need for a central authority but Capital Owners are manipulating this area using their social and economic potentials for making a pile. They betray the founding Principles of Cryptocurrency. And we are always against the imposed monetary system.


You can easily have Sirius Token, by attending an airdrop activity. For airdrop, 100 million tokens were allocated. It will be distributed equally to 1000 people. Distribution will be made separately at different times to avoid sales pressure.

Our Goal

Economically, we will create our finance for our dreams by converting the Sirius Token to economic value. We will support community-minded projects in community by using our financial power.

Total Token Supply
Project Team
Budget Allocated for Airdrop
Project and Community
Token Distribution
Allocation of funds

Total token supply - 243.000.000

  • 10% Founders Team
  • 41.2% Airdrop
  • 41.2% Project and Community
  • 6.2% Donation
  • 1.5% Advertising

Our brain

Sirius-A Team

Tech Operation

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